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NXCT at the Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging Facility

The facility at Manchester has been at the forefront of X-ray imaging since 2008 when Regius Prof. Philip Withers established the Henry Moseley X-Ray imaging Facility (HMXIF). In 2014 the facility was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for “New Techniques in X-ray Imaging of Materials Critical for Power, Transport and Other Key Industries” recognising the special contribution the research and expertise has made to the UK’s strategic development in advanced materials and manufacturing. The HMXIF currently hosts ten different X-ray CT scanners which cover scales from metre size objects and resolutions down to 50 nm. The HMXIF also hosts many rigs allowing for in-situ testing and a large computer suite enabling comprehensive 3D analysis.


The Team

Dr Timothy Burnett (Director, NXCT)

Regius Professor Philip Withers (Director, NXCT)

Dr Nicola Wadeson (Facility Manager and Principal Instrument Scientist, NXCT)

Dr Jennifer Sanders (Project Manager, NXCT)