Tescan Unitom XL

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This system can handle the majority of generic CT scanning requirements, but it is particularly well suited for dynamic scanning and in-situ testing with its flexible geometry and high frame rate detector. The system can achieve up to 100 frames per second (0.01 seconds exposure) under a binned rectangular mode, but even at 2k x 2k field of view, 20 frames per second is possible, and is useable for a large number of samples due to its ability to create a compact scanning geometry.
There are a number of ports and labyrinths within the system to accommodate the majority of in-situ rigs and monitoring equipment. The stage can mount rigs up to 45 kg, or 80 kg if the x-y piezo is removed (rotation only).

The system uniquely has a long maximum source-detector distance, up to 2 m, meaning that phase can be utilised to enhance the view in biological specimens or those with similar density materials. This can be applied in the image space using Paganin retrieval. The shortest source-detector distance is 450 mm which allows for the use of the particularly high frame rates suitable for dynamic scanning. Further, the source and detector move independently for the creation of more exotic scanning geometries.