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NXCT attend Imaging and Characterisation Showcase at Royce Hub Building

On 6-7 September 2023 the National X-Ray Computed Tomography team hosted a stand at the Henry Royce Institute’s Hub building at The University of Manchester as part of the institute’s first Imaging and Characterisation Showcase (I&C Showcase).

The I&C Showcase aimed to promote Royce Imaging and Characterisation capabilities from across the Partnership, embracing our state-of-the-art equipment which can probe the structure, composition, and mechanical properties of all materials from macro down to nanoscale.

The event ran in conjunction with Royce’s National Conference, allowing delegates from industry and Royce’s partner institutions to explore the university’s campus and experience the Royce Hub as a venue.

Royce investment means that the institute has some of the most innovative imaging and characterisation equipment in the world, which is available to both Industry and Academia, and the Showcase provided the opportunity to platform some of this research for delegates to explore.

Present were stands concerning Electron Microscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy, XPS, NXCT, XRD, Image Mass Spectroscopy, Optical Microscopy and Modelling and Simulation in addition to a stand demonstrating Royce’s new open data curation initiative.