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Introduction to X-ray Tomography theory

Within the National X-ray Computed Tomography facility at University of Manchester we have an upcoming opportunity for new and novice users of X-ray tomography to attend our ever-popular introduction training courses.

On 12th March is this quarter’s scheduling of Introduction to X-ray Tomography theory, a day-long theory training course suitable for people new to X-ray CT and/or those interested in using X-ray CT in their research in the future. (Note, this is identical to the event run in December 2023).

The day covers all the background theory to X-ray tomography scanning and in the afternoon features a live demo of CT scanning with lots of opportunities to ask questions.

Location TBC but is likely to be in the PSI section of the Alan Turing building.

Sign up here. 

The event is free of charge for UoM staff and students.