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In-person Course: Introduction to X-ray CT Visualisation using Avizo

Wed, 20 Sept 2023

The course uses real X-ray CT data that will highlight the true problems faced when analysing large volumes.

09:30 – 16:00 BST

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Course Content

  1. Understanding the main Avizo GUI and available tools
  2. Loading and saving data in a number of X-ray CT formats
  3. Data viewing options
  4. Data editing, cropping and re-sizing
  5. The correct use of image filters
  6. The Avizo image filter library
  7. Filter types and effect on data features
  8. What is segmentation?
  9. Basic global segmentation and manual segmentation methods
  10. Editing tools
  11. Visualisation
  12. Production of 3D images
  13. Use of scale bars
  14. Measuring specific features

Course Fees and Payment Process

  • Staff and Students at The University of Manchester: free
  • External Academics: £95 per course
  • Industry: £250 per course

Following registration, you will be sent an official quotation for any course fees. You will need to arrange a Purchase Order (PO) from your organisation to The University of Manchester, with a copy sent directly to


As this is an in-person course, all computing facilities and course materials will be provided.

Training Course Prerequisite(s)

None, though we recommend attending our training course ‘Introduction to X-ray CT theory’.