3D X-ray Histology Scanner XRH

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This is a custom-designed µCT scanner optimised for high throughput 3D X-ray Histology. This scanner was designed by the μ-VIS and the XRH team and built by Nikon Xtek systems Ltd. It is the cornerstone of the second phase of development of 3D X-ray Histology, which is fully funded by Wellcome Trust (2019-2022; £1.14M; Wellcome Trust, Biomedical Resource and Technology Development Grant).

The XRH scanner can be used for non-destructive radiographical and tomographical inspection of biomedically relevant specimens, and is optimised for high-throughput imaging of unstained formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded (FFPE) soft tissue specimens.

The equipment was commissioned in January 2020, and is hosted at the Biomedical Imaging Unit at University Hospital Southampton.


Key Features
  • Nikon multi-target micro focus X-ray source:
    • 130 kVp/130 W Mo rotating target (custom)
    • 10 μm spot up to 50 W
    • 180 kVp/20 W Mo transmission targets (custom)
    • 1.5 μm spot up to 5 W
    • 225 kVp/225 W multimetal reflection target
    • 2.5 μm spot up to 7 W
  • Sample autoloader,  up to 10 specimens per rack (custom)
  • Optimised for high throughput 3D X-ray Histology
  • 2.8 x 2.8 k ,16-bit flat panel detector
  • Standard cone-beam & helical scanning
  • Samples up to ~400 mm and up to 50 kg