Zeiss Xradia 620 Versa

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This is a 3D X-ray microscope featuring a two-stage magnification technique to uniquely offer resolution at a distance (RaaD) for large sample sizes. Sample images are initially enlarged through geometric magnification as they are in conventional micro-CTs. In the second stage, a scintillator converts X-rays to visible light, which is then optically magnified. The system can achieve a spatial resolution of 0.7 microns. Four different X-ray lenses are available (0.4x, 4x, 20x and 40x) to achieve a minimum pixel size of 150 nm and a field of view of 300 microns. Phase propagation contrast can be performed and a DEBEN CT5000 5 kN tensile/compression stage can be installed for compression and freeze-thaw cycle experiments.


Key Features

• W 160 kV
• 25 W
• Four magnification lenses (0.4x, 4x, 20x and 40x)
• Filter selection
• Spatial resolution: 0.7 µm
• Propagation phase contrast
• Maximum sample weight: 15 kg
• Scan time: minutes to hours, depending on resolution and sample features