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Training: Introduction to XCT for Operators

10 – 11 May 2023

University of Warwick

This is an entry-level course aimed at new and future operators of lab-based X-ray Computed Tomography (XCT) equipment who have little prior knowledge or experience in using such systems. Participants will learn in a practical context how to obtain optimal XCT scans of their objects independent of the system manufacturer, supported by the operational knowledge of individual system components. Attendees will learn how to implement an acquisition protocol and understand the impacts of specific parameter selection, and where image artefacts appear understand how to mitigate or minimise them. An appreciation of reconstruction and analysis possibilities will also be garnered for execution in their own imaging workflows.

This course is suited for anyone who has a CT scanner or has received XCT data before and wants to know more about its practical operation to obtain optimal quality scans.

The majority of attendees will be in the first category, likely new member of staff who will be operating equipment on a regular basis or who wants to improve their current skills.

We welcome a mix of both industrial and academic attendees.

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